The Second Annual Stocking Project is complete!

Posted on: Mon, 02/25/2019 - 16:47 By: harry

The Stocking Project for Horizons on the Hudson School in Newburgh.

We started the Stocking Project with a very lofty goal this year of providing filled stockings to 80 homeless children that attend Horizons on the Hudson School in Newburgh.  Our call for donations went out in November and we were overwhelmed with the response!! Many individuals and local businesses came forward to create stockings for the children or to donate money which enabled  Keep It Moving (K-I-M) volunteers to create even more stockings. The Horizons on the Hudson School is located in the City of Newburgh with 703 students, K-5th grade.  80 of these children have been identified as homeless or near homeless.

Keep It Moving wanted to share Zane’s joy of the stocking with children in need.  The background of the Stocking Project is very personal. Zane’s cousin, Zach, and his family traditionally celebrated Christmas and Santa Claus. In support of our close friends, who became our family, Santa’s visits became tradition in our house too!  Zane even said, “Santa is such a nice guy he even brings stuff to the Jewish kids.” His playful enthusiasm and desire to do good work was a perfect fit for the children at Horizons on the Hudson (HOH).

We chose HOH because Zane and his brother Max attended this grammar school and made great memories there. Some of the friendships made at HOH are still alive today.

We are thrilled and humbled to report that not only did we meet our goal of providing stockings to every one of the 80 homeless children at HOH,  but we were also able to donate and additional 40 stockings to Cornerstone Family Health in Newburgh, who also distributed them to families in need!!  We exceeded our goal by 50%!!

K-I-M thanks all of the helpers, donators, family and friends that made this project possible.

Watching the stocking donations arrive was amazing; they were as diverse as the people who designed them. The stockings were so thoughtful, with Barbie dolls in all different colors, puzzles, some people even handmade string bags!